Sustainable Development

Our journey to create a consciously more luxurious everyday life has just begun. We have been inspired by the things we have learned and motivated by the progress we have made - and we know we will continue to make progress. We believe that transparency is an important first step in this process and for this purpose we open up Lenoites world so that we can share our progress with you.

We have divided our sustainability program into four key areas: People, Planet, Products and Promise. We still have a bit left but hope you want to join our journey ...


Humans have been at the heart of why Lenoites were created. We want Lenoites to have a positive impact on every person who comes in contact with the brand - from the people in China's mulberry field to our head office in Sweden. Autonomy is an important value and we at Lenoites strive to value every moment.


We know that manufacturing in all industries will always have an impact on our environment. We are passionate about innovation and are determined to make improvements at all levels of the business. Our aim is that we should positively contribute to, rather than take, from the earth.



We are proud that many of our products can be loved and appreciated for s lifetime but we also feel the importance of reporting what happens to the products "next". We will continue to work with high-quality natural materials. In this way, as many products as possible can eventually be broken down and leave as little imprint as possible on the earth.



In our business strategy, sustainable development is in focus. We will always strive to optimize our production and operations so that we can best reduce the impact we have on people and the planet.


Progress, Not Perfection

We are not perfect but we are proud of how far we have come so far given that we are a young company. Above all, there is the commitment, which means that sustainability will always be an important part of us. We will always look for the most sustainable ways and we are optimistic about the future. We think it is important to be transparent with the challenges and problems that our industry faces despite the fact that we are a small company in this big world.