Sustainable products

Conscious Design
Lenoites was launched with our pillowcases in 100% mulberry silk, which is still one of our best-selling products. We are also aware that consumption is increasing, so we have chosen to think differently. Our products are made with the highest quality, which means that they look good today and for many years to come. We want our customers to enjoy quality and instead have fun with colors. Our pillowcases are art that can be changed according to mood.

With that said, we also want to account for what happens "next". We are transparent about where our material comes from and want the products we create to be recyclable and ultimately biodegradable so as not to leave any traces. For many of our products this is possible, for others the degradable process takes a little longer. However, we are constantly working to look for sustainable alternatives to leave as few traces as possible.

A Love Work

We go the extra mile

We are proud to work with one of China's oldest silk suppliers which crafts have been honed over generations. Our silk is made to order in China, where the silk culture has been practiced since 2700 BC, and our embroideries are made by hand - or sometimes, using a hand-controlled sewing machine.

We are also proud to say that our silk has been tested and certified independently in accordance with OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 for product class I - this is the highest and strictest class and is safe for even the newborn toddler. We take human - and the earth's health most seriously through all stages - from the farmers in the mulberry field to our customers to the earth's natural environment and ecosystem. Therefore, we want to expose harmful chemicals and use only environmentally friendly dyes.