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Care Guide for Silk

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- You do not need to dry clean your Lenoites silk products. All our silk products are excellent for washing by following our recommendations. Make sure you use cold water, no more than 40 degrees. 30 degrees is preferable. The colder the better. Warmer temperatures break down the threads over time and cause the silk's natural fibers to lose function.

- Lenoite's silk products should be washed by hand or delicate washing machine.

- To prevent other items in your washing machine from getting caught or scratched, such as bra hooks, buttons, zippers, etc., we recommend that you put your Lenoites products in a laundry bag. That way they stay separate.

- Use a mild detergent without bleach or enzymes and which is specially formulated for delicate fabrics. Lenoites recommends Y3, an enzyme-free laundry detergent available at regular grocery stores.

- Once your products have been washed, hang up your Lenoites silk products and allow to air dry until completely dry.

- Iron your products easily with the "silk" setting on the iron. You can also use the 'steam' option on the iron to steam out any wrinkles or creases.

- If your Lenoites silk product gets a stain, soak the fabric in cold water and wipe the stain with a mild detergent. Avoid leaving stains for too long, otherwise there is a risk that they will set and become more difficult to remove.

- If you tend to tan without sun spots or like to use skin care that discolors the fabric, we recommend using Lenoite's textiles in a darker shade.