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Pure Premium Organic Reusable Rounds Refill

195 Kr

• This option is more eco-friendly than traditional cotton pads, suitable for both face cleansing and toner application.

• Featuring a convenient loop for hanging to dry.

• The pad has a slightly rough side for gentle exfoliation and a softer side for sensitive areas like the eyes.

• Once worn out, you can compost them, and they will biodegrade in about 3 months.

To remove makeup, apply your favorite cleanser, toner, or makeup remover on the pads. Gently swipe the pads over your face using the soft terry texture for general makeup removal and the ultra-soft side for sensitive areas like your eyes.

After using the pads to clean your face, rinse them with water directly. This will effectively remove most of the product build-up, minimize staining, and prolong the pads lifespan.

The original packaging includes a handy laundry bag for your convenience. Simply place the used washers directly into the bag and wash them along with your regular laundry. After washing, allow them to dry before reuse.

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Refill of Lenoites® magical Pure Premium Organic Reusable Rounds.

Be kind to the planet and your skin with these eco-friendly options for regular cotton pads. 

Lenoites® organic bamboo cleansing pads are made from 100% natural material and help keep your skin fresh and clean. They can be reused up to 1000 times and then recycled as they are biodegradable.



The Details

  • Quantity:

    5 pcs

  • Size:

    Ø 85 mm

  • Color:


  • Material:

    Organic bamboo cotton

  • Certifications:

    GOTS Organic Certified and OEKO-TEX® 100 Certified Non-Toxic

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