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Lenoites has a voice in the world of beauty where we speak directly to our customers. We tap into our customers personal stories and love online beauty conversations.

Lenoites is a direct-to-consumer company

Lenoites is a direct-to-consumer company

Lenoites is a leading brand in the beauty industry that is revolutionizing the industry by combining feedback from our community with the expertise of the founder. We create intuitive and lovable products that focus on your well-being and work for you. Together we take beauty to a new level.

How we work


We value inclusivity by building and developing a diverse team. With us, different perspectives are considered a strength. We listen attentively to each other and collaborate with empathy and respect to promote a positive work environment.

We are here for the customer, not the other way around

We work to create magical experiences for our customers. By earning our customers trust and putting their happiness first, we strive to incorporate these values ​​into every decision we make.


We are open to challenging our assumptions and we encourage questions to continually learn and grow from our mistakes. We strive to eagerly expand our knowledge and understanding of the world around us. We are convinced that this is crucial for our continuous development.


We are focused on thinking big and being prepared to think outside the box, with the understanding that courage is a driver of innovation. We foster a culture where ideas are shared and challenges are resolved through open discussions. We actively encourage each other to do the same, because we know this is the key to success.


We apply careful thinking and integrate integrity in our pursuit of achieving our full potential. We are keen to understand the "why" behind our actions and promote open conversations. We are forward thinking and make decisions that will yield the best results for both current and future success.