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Founder Laila Högfeldt


Laila Högfeldt, a passionate beauty lover from Borås, Sweden, has always had a strong fondness for make-up and the beauty world from a young age.

Ever since her early childhood, Laila was fascinated by the art of changing and highlighting facial features with makeup. She fell in love with the illustrated pages of beauty books that she carefully studied, immersed in these worlds of color and form. Laila spent countless hours in front of the mirror, using makeup products borrowed from her mother's collection, exploring different techniques with precision and love, immersed in a world where brushstrokes and light created completely new expressions.

The years between 2008 and 2012 were groundbreaking for Laila when she ran one of Sweden's most popular beauty and lifestyle blogs. Despite the success, she chose to leave blogging behind to follow another dream: to become a Master of Business Administration. After obtaining her master's degree, Laila worked as an accountant, but her heart belonged in the creative world of beauty and lifestyle.

In 2015, Laila decided to resume her previous career and started posting frequently on Instagram. She quickly found her place in the beauty world, and the followers found their way back. Laila realized that her passion lies here and decided to quit her job as an accountant in 2017 to fully focus on working as a beauty influencer.

Laila has built her brand thanks to her high work ethic, genuine commitment, positivity and inspiring aura. Today, she stands as one of Sweden's leading beauty influencers, credible and authentic in the eyes of her followers.

After two years of preparation, Laila launched the beauty brand Lenoites in April 2021 and today works as CEO of the company. Laila takes her lifelong passion for beauty and shares it with the world through her products and influence.

Laila now lives in Borås with her husband Niclas and their three sons, William, Philip and Ludwig. Together they form a loving family that supports Laila in her continued journey as a beauty influencer and CEO of Lenoites.

Career & Studies

After finishing high school, where she studied social economics, Laila continued her academic journey and began a bachelor's degree in economics. In 2014, she completed her studies and took her Master's degree in Business Administration, with a specialization in external accounting.

During her studies, Laila had the opportunity to work in the summer at the Swedish Tax Agency, and after graduating, she began a career as an accountant. But it wasn't long before her creative side called to her again.

From the autumn of 2017, Laila worked exclusively with her social media, where she engaged in a series of creative collaborations with prominent companies. Carolina Herrera, Bubbleroom and Armani Beauty, YSL Beauty, Lancome and others are some of the reputable brands that she has had the pleasure of collaborating with, which has strengthened her position as an influential person in the beauty and fashion industry.


Lenoites, under the leadership of Laila Högfeldt, quickly established itself in the beauty industry within the concept of "natural beauty". The self-funded company, founded in Sweden, became a reality in 2021 when Laila's dream of creating products that highlight natural beauty began to materialize.

The ever-growing presence of Lenoites caught the attention of leading retailers in Europe, such as Zalando, and it wasn't long before the products were available to customers all over the world, from Germany and Italy to Dubai and the United States.

As CEO of Lenoites, Laila works actively and is strongly involved in the processes for product innovation, development, marketing and further global expansion. With Laila's passion and vision, Lenoites continues to strive to change and enrich the beauty landscape for customers worldwide.